Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility -

What is the minimum age requirement to move to Brij View Senior Residency (BVSR)?
Are only Indian nationals allowed at BVSR?
  • People of all nationalities are welcomed at BVSR. However, relevant documents are required.
  • In case of a PIO, valid permit for long term stay in India has to be provided.
  • In case of a foreign national, a copy of the passport, with valid visa has to be provided.
Can someone with medical disabilities live at BVSR?
  • We have an indicative fitness level that a resident should have to enjoy the facilities offered by us. In addition, all applicants need to clear a medical screening.
  • The resident should not be suffering from any Infectious or Communicable diseases.
  • The resident should not be mentally challenged, suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer Disease or any other type of Psychiatric Disorder.
  • The resident should not be dependent on any type of life support equipment, such as a ventilator.

General Questions -

Can I Buy an Apartment / Residential Unit at Brij View Senior Residency?
NO, residential units at BVSR are available on a security deposit + rental model for both short-term stay as well as long-term/permanent stay. We do not offer apartments for sale.
Can my family members, friends or relatives stay with me at BVSR or come to visit me?
YES, but only for short periods of time as guests (max. 10 days at a stretch) at an additional cost per person per day and only after prior intimation to the BVSR management team. We don’t allow guests to come over and stay unannounced for safety and security of all residents. We will setup additional beds for your guests’ accommodation in your own apartment and will provide complete food, laundry services etc. They cannot stay permanently or for longer durations with you as BVSR is a home meant for stay of only Senior Citizens.
What is the Registration Procedure at BVSR?
  1. First, you have to fill out an application form. You can email us the completed application form or apply directly at the BVSR facility. The submitted form will then be reviewed by our screening committee and the information provided, if required, would be verified.
  2. Second, you will have to undergo a basic medical examination to verify your medical fitness levels.
  3. Third, you can then select your unit and an agreement between you and BVSR would be executed.
Note: All the required documents are listed in the application form. PLEASE CONTACT US TO GET THE APPLICATION FORM.
Can I pay the Security Deposit and Sub-let my Apartment?
NO, you cannot sublet your apartment. Infact, only you along-with your spouse (max. 2 persons names mentioned in the agreement) can stay in your apartment during the agreement period.
Will the monthly charges stay the same? When will you increase them?
Monthly charges and all recurring costs are revised periodically - usually on a yearly basis.
How will you refund my security deposit?
Once your account is settled, the copy of the agreement returned and the apartment is vacated, the security deposit would be refunded to you or to your Nominee through an A/c payee' cheque or bank transfer, within 60 days.
Can I stay in the unit for only a few months of the year? Will I still have to pay the monthly charges?
YES, you may stay in the unit as per your convenience but you would have to pay the Fixed Monthly Rental irrespective if you stay or not. Though on certain case-to-case basis, charges for food and other services may be waived for absences over 30 days at the sole discretion of the management of BVSR.
Can I bring my own domestic help?
NO, we don’t allow anyone else to stay with you (besides your guests for a short period of time) as we take care of all your needs.
Does BVSR provide Assisted Living?
Yes, BVSR provides both Assisted Living as well as Independent Living.
Can I smoke or consume alcohol within the facility?
NO, Smoking and consumption of alcohol is STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED in the common areas. However, inside your residential unit it’s your wish, but we still discourage you to do it for your own safety and health.
Can I eat or order Non-Vegetarian food?
NO, you cannot eat or order non-vegetarian food anywhere within the BVSR premises including your own apartment. This is a STRICTLY VEGETARIAN ONLY facility.
Since I don’t have any legal heirs, can I nominate a charity for my security deposit?
YES, you can assign anyone/any charity as your nominee who will duly receive your security deposit after settlement of your accounts.
Can I keep pets at BVSR?
NO, we follow a strict ‘NO PETS’ policy for the safety and convenience of all senior residents.
Can singles/divorced/widow individuals also live here?
YES, all singles and couples are welcome to live at BVSR.
Can I host a personal party at BVSR?
YES, you can host a personal party at BVSR for additional charges for food and setup. Just let us know one day in advance so that we can make all the arrangements for your guests.

Infrastructure / Facilities -

Is there WI-FI in the facility?
YES, the entire residents’ floor is completely Wi-Fi enabled including the resident apartments.
Is the kitchen open round-the-clock?
NO, the kitchen operates during fixed hours. However, the F&B staff is available 24x7 to cater to any emergency or special needs.
Do you provide room service?
Room service is available only during medical situations or under special circumstances. Under normal circumstances all residents are encouraged to enjoy their meals together in the common dining hall.
Can I bring my own furniture and other personal items?
All resident apartment are already aesthetically designed and fully furnished, so you won't really have to bring any items of furniture with you. However, personal items for decoration purpose are most welcome. We will try our best to accommodate anything you want to bring that will help us make your stay at BVSR more comfortable for you.
Is there parking available? Can I keep my own car? Are taxis readily available?
YES, we have limited parking space available for residents and guests.

You can keep your own car but we discourage you to do it for your own safety and security. Incase you still want to keep your own car, you will be required to take care of the service and upkeep of your car at your own expenses.

We have tie-ups with reliable taxi company to provide chauffeur driven cars anytime you want.
Do you have salon / personal grooming facility?
We have tie-ups with reliable and hygienic salon/parlour who provides all kinds of grooming services for BVSR residents at our premises itself. We have a specialized & comfortable salon chair kept in our massage room where you can privately enjoy salon / parlour services at the comfort of your home without the need of stepping out.
Our 50th wedding anniversary is coming up; can we celebrate it at BVSR?
ABSOLUTELY YES. You can request our F&B team to arrange a special celebratory feast for your guests and even for other residents of BVSR if you wish to.
How will I keep myself occupied the whole day? How will a typical day be spent in BVSR?
There are a vast variety of fun activities we offer to keep you occupied throughout the day. Your day will start with Yoga, Meditation and Training exercises at our beautiful terrace garden. You can participate in the daily morning and evening Aarti in the mandir. You can watch movies or play games like Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Cards etc. in the common recreation room with other residents throughout the day anytime you want. You can spend time in our library reading interesting and variety of books. You can enjoy daily massage on the massage chair kept in our massage room. You can also take physiotherapy on a daily basis or enjoy regular naturopathy treatments to keep you fit and healthy.

Regular bhajan and satsang programs are arranged for your entertainment. We organize regular picnics and mandir tours as well.

Besides our team organize daily games and activities to play, laugh and have fun together.

Medical Facility / Support -

What are the medical formalities that need to be completed before moving in?
You will need to undergo a medical examination as advised by our screening committee based on a few factors such as general state of your health and age.
I am on a restricted diet because of diabetes. Will I be able to follow the same diet at BVSR?
YES, our F&B team provides healthy and tasty daily meals in consultation with expert dieticians and nutritionists to suit your palate and health.
What all healthcare facilities are available at BVSR?
BVSR has a dedicated medical room equipped to administer first-aid for most emergencies. Trained medical staff is present 24x7 on the premises besides regular health check-ups provided by our partner experienced doctor.

Medical records are maintained of all residents. Complete Medicine Management is undertaken if requested. We have tie-ups with leading nearby hospitals to ensure that our residents have access to immediate and best medical care with special arrangement for emergencies.

Ambulance is available on call 24x7.

Besides, to keep you fit and healthy, we offer daily yoga & meditation classes, physiotherapy, regular naturopathy and massage treatments as well.

Security / Safety -

What are the medical formalities that need to be completed before moving in?
What are the security arrangements at BVSR?
What are the safety features available in BVSR for senior citizens?
Multiple Emergency 'Call Bells' are installed in all apartments including bathrooms and all common areas. Anti-skid flooring with anti-skid tapes are installed in all bathrooms. Grab-rails runs through the entire resident floor. Grab-bars are provided in all bathrooms. All Furniture have rounded corners to avoid injury. All balconies are fully covered. Multiple fire extinguishers are installed across the premises with a state-of-the-art central fire management system. Multiple Fire Exits Staircases are available. Multiple Lifts are available incase of breakdown. 24x7 power-backup is available. Intercom Facility is available with manned Front-desk 24x7. The entire facility including the resident homes is well lit up with bright lights.

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