Why Brij View Senior Residency?

Brij View Senior Residency is a one of its kind senior citizen home located in the heart of the holy dham of Vrindavan which offers a holistic lifestyle to the elderly and takes complete care of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. It is a perfect blend of love, care, comfort and security while living in a like-minded community of residents with warm hospitality.

It is one of the premium senior citizen living homes in India which has been designed in a way to offer the right blend of luxurious comfort and practical functionality for the elderly. The fundamental concept of Brij View Senior Residency is to build a community of like-minded senior residents who can spend their golden years in each other’s company while enjoying a vibrant and fun-filled lifestyle. The living units have been designed in way which takes care of their basic need of peace, privacy, comfort and safety. As a resident of Brij View Senior Residency, you will relish the luxury of living in a harmonious community and lead a carefree fun-filled life.

Staying at Brij View Senior Residency will be an opportunity to live your golden years in the holy dham of Vrindavan while forgetting the daily hassles of life and spending your time strengthening your spiritual self, making new friends and enjoying the luxury and care you rightly deserve.

Throughout your life you played the role of a child, sibling, spouse, parent & grandparent. Brij View Senior Residency now gives you an opportunity to live your golden years in your dream home and live an independent life on your own terms without any hassles of daily chores & worries and immerse yourself in happiness and spirituality.

The fully trained housekeeping staff is available round the clock to take care of all the daily chores so you can enjoy a relaxed and care-free daily lifestyle. The kitchen is managed by an expert team of chefs and cooks to provide you with satvik and nutritious daily meals. Team of doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapist, naturopathy, yoga trainers etc. are available to take care of your mental and physical health on a daily basis.

Brij View Senior Residency offers luxury homes for senior citizens which helps you nurture your hobbies, enjoy various leisure activities and participate in various social and spiritual activities on a regular basis. From recreational zone to prayer rooms, from wellness center to open gardens, from library to medical facility, we have it all. There are many retirement homes in India, but none of them matches the quality of life and the standard of luxury living which Brij View Senior Residency offers to its residents.

The promoters of Brij View Senior Residency have more than 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry and have designed and conceptualized this project with the sole objective of improving the “Quality of Life” of our senior residents while keeping their safety and comfort as top-most priority. Brij View Senior Residency is not an ordinary old age home. It is the ultimate benchmark in modern assisted living in India which ensures that every day is a memorable one so you can proudly call Brij View Senior Residency as your home. So get ready to live the best years of your life at one of the best senior citizen homes in India - “Brij View Senior Residency”.

Our Promise

We will leave no stone unturned to create a perfect home for you – a home which your heart always desired and your soul always yearned for!

Our Vision

To create the finest luxury home for Senior Citizens in India which will offer a holistic lifestyle to take care of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

A Message from our Director

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